How do I become a Teamster member after being hired?


Congratulation for being hired as a new employee. Teamsters Local 6 is excited to have you as a part of our organization as a full time member, and we hope that you will enjoy being a Teamster. 
Please be sure to come by the Union Hall to meet the Business agents of Local 6 and to learn what the responsibilities of being a member is all about.
Being a Teamster member means that you belong to one of the strongest labor union in the world. For more than 100 years the Teamsters Union has been a leader in setting the standard for higher wages, better benefits and improved working conditions for workers throughout the United States and Canada. The Teamsters Union is strong because of the participation of many of its 1.4 million members. Teamster members can find a variety of ways to participate to help build a stronger union in the workplace — from supporting coworkers in their struggle for justice or helping with the bargaining process to joining a local union committee or becoming a volunteer organizer.
It is Important to keep current on your dues and initiations. If you have not filled out a New Application and/or Dues checkoff form call the Union Hall so we can get the form to you.   We will also set up a payment plan for any back dues and/or initiations that are owed.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Union Hall at 314-772-2033 or 314-772-2034.