Update on Critical Labor Issues



Update on Critical Labor Issues: Legislation to advance Right-to-Work, Paycheck Deception, and eliminate Prevailing Wage remains stalled in the Senate.  All anti-labor bills have been “laid over” on the Senate Informal Calendar.  While they can be brought up at any time, the Senate has now taken up debate on other issues.  The House has not taken any action on anti-labor legislation.  This is good news…for now. 
Toll Roads: The Senate Transportation Committee held the first of several hearings on Senate Bill 572.  Sponsored by Sen. Mike Kehoe, SB 572 would authorize the Missouri Department of Transportation to contract with a private consortium to design, build, finance and toll Interstate 70. 
§         Triple-Trailers:  For the first time, MoDOT Director Kevin Keith told the committee that a new and improved I-70 would allow for “opportunities for triple-trailer combinations.”
§         Prohibitively unconstitutional: Tom Crawford, an attorney for the Missouri Trucking Association, said toll roads were prohibited by the Missouri Constitution,  Article X, Sec 2 which states “the power to tax shall not be contracted away.” 
The hearing illustrated that the mood for toll taxes is softening.  But the Senate clearly wants to debate this issue on the floor.  The hearing has been extended for at least another week…maybe two.