Beer Bottler's Local 6 23rd Annual Spring "Grumpy" Bass/Bluegill Tournament






May 19, 2012

51 Lake Road
Kimberling City, MO 65686
(417) 739-4556

Light House Lodge




Thank goodness we have in our group some sportsmen know as the
"bass fisherman." Last year, 2011 these individuals came through for
the tournament. Last spring the lake was 23ft plus above pool stage.
The dock was pulled up onto

BUD is for you! G.W.

, the parking lot. Structures and buildings
were underwater. Everywhere was flooded! The dam was running so
much water it flooded Lake Taneycomo below. The bluegills were
nowhere to be found. All us bluegill fishermen caught was a sunburn!
However, new leaders were begotten in the Uthoff Father/Son
combination. Congratulations Ed Senior and Ed Junior. (How does the
saying go-about a blind squirrel and a nut?) Only 42 Ibs were weighed
in, whereas 168 Ibs was the standard. Bass weighed in at 75 Ibs down
slightly for previous years
. Bass were in the tree tops, so it was a
bonanza to catch them. Luckily, I brought down an additional 30 Ibs
of Pollock fillets, so we had just enough fish for the Saturday fish
. So, "hats-off" to you, the "take for granted bass fisherman," this


For information and entry forms, contact:
Greg Whelchel (314) 832-2433
Kevin Polster (314) 223-7209
Local 6 Hall (314) 772-2034 or (314) 772-2033





23rd Annual Spring "Grumpy" Bass/Bluegill Tournament

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